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The rules for marketing to the empowered customers and prospects in this web era have changed.  The KSA Knowledge Center is a series of short white papers that can help you understand current trends while providing useful information on making your marketing programs more effective.  They are delivered in our periodic e-news “Where Ideas Get Down To Business™”
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The RxBundle for Digital Marketing Headaches
Can’t get a grip on all the new interactive digital marketing options? The RxBundle was specifically designed to deliver these new and powerful marketing tools to your existing marketing program. With our diverse client experiences, KSA has encountered recurring “pains” typical to many B2B marketers confused with interactive technologies.

The RxBundle incorporates the 4 key interactive tools into your marketing without all the headaches. Let KSA show you how to harness the power of today’s interactive technology to make your sales activities more effective.

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To Plan or Not to Plan...
It's Not Even a Question!
Call KSA to develop your
2010 Strategic Marketing Plan
Budgets are restricted. Management needs ROI for every activity. Submitting and getting approval for a budget that has a list of “tactical” marketing activities without a well thought out strategy just doesn’t make sense. With over 25 years of industrial marketing experience, KSA is uniquely positioned to assist you in creating a Strategic Marketing Plan that delivers ROI metrics with targeted tactics. Here are some of the benefits our clients have experienced:
Planning reduced from months to weeks through utilization of KSA’s Strategic Market Planning (SMP) Toolkit
“Future-proof” your marketing activities to ensure you deliver on all of your objectives
Optimize your ROI by deploying all the cost-saving tactics provided by digital marketing
Create integrated yet segmented programs based on industry, product line and end-user profiles
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Experience in industrial markets. Deliverable, measurable action plans. No exorbitant consulting fees. This is the year you need a marketing plan with new thinking. This is the year you need KSA.
For over 25 years KSA has partnered with manufacturing companies from all over the world to deliver marketing programs the deliver cost-effective solutions to lead generation and customer retention.
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The rules have changed dramatically in industrial marketing. KSA knows how deploy the latest technologies to deliver relevant marketing communications to your customers and prospects.
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KSA will work with you to develop a new strategic communications plan resulting in a sensible budget for your organization that integrates digital technologies and traditional marketing while delivering measurable ROI.
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Industrial Marketing...
It's a Whole New Ballgame.

Are you using new, interactive technologies to attract new prospects and keep in touch with your existing customers?

Is your marketing delivering ROI & qualified sales leads for your company?

Are your product videos working as a 24/7 sales force?

If you answered NO to any of these, contact me personally for a no-obligation consultation.
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Marketing Tools You Can Use!
Strategic Marketing Toolkit -
Need a marketing plan? I have distilled over 25 years of experience into this new Strategic Marketing Planning (SMP version 1.0) Toolkit. Included are 10 essential templates to create the powerful strategies, tactics, budgets and timelines needed for industrial marketers to successfully achieve their sales objectives.

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