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From marketing strategy to creative execution, put a PRO on staff
for only the time you need. Today, it is essential to have a marketing program that continually builds your brand, creates repeat customers and identifies and moves prospects closer to a sale.


Why Ken & KSA?


For over 30 years KSA has helped B2B clients develop a marketing strategy and implement a program with cost-effective tactics designed to maximize available budget.  Now, as a consultant, Ken Slauf brings these decades of experience to your company at a fraction of the cost of hiring internal marketing personnel or contracting an advertising agency/marketing services company.

How Does Ken/KSA Work?

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Ken Has Answered Many Of These Marketing FAQs...

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Product Introduction

Online Catalog

Company Branding

Combining unique creative, targeted audience and digital & print media spells success.

Eliminating a 100+ page print catalog for an interactive online format adds to the bottom line.

Creating an adaptable global brand ties together sales offices in Brazil, Japan & China.




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Ken Slauf brings three decades of experience to your company at a fraction of the cost of internal marketing personnel or advertising agency.

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